Sunday, 20 May 2012

New Poem

I was wandering through a lonely black tunnel
The sound of 'To Live is to Die' ringing in my ears
My thoughts loud whispers trying to be heard.
And yet the distance was bleak, a shadow in the past,
The future's glimmering ghost waving from afar.
Is this, the present, what I worked so hard for?
A labour without recognition,
A depth of expression passed off as folly,
A momentary lapse of consideration
for the artist in the moment
- any moment -
Making do with the muse that presents a pose,
Lightweight though she may be,
Better than none at all.
    This moment captured,
    These words raptured,
    Hangman prose stature.
But as the tunnel grows longer
I notice the darkness itself glimmers,
A call to respond: this song is over.
To live is to create, to die is to be done;
If nobody hears, so the song shall be sung.
Silence be my laughter
An age of pain remembered,
Words still form from this crafter.

- 19/05/12

Rain Poem

Blue Sky you try
To fool me with a cloudless bright,
But past days are remembered
And raincoats will not be surrendered,
Not for you, not for the hope of sunshine
On a day-long tender.
My awareness shall be the defender
And bringer of warmth when the pretender
Clouds over and drops the temperature,
Chilling the arms and legs of innocent bystanders
(Merry their shrieks of concern).
Fingers trace the dial o' heater
Bringing the warm rush of relief - and release!
And the betrayer left to weather the outside like a teaser
- blue sky here, grey sky there -
While inside, the timber walls fill with laughter.

- 17/05/2012

New Poem

Hard task ahead, My
poor children have bled,
Tears are piling up
Alongside the fence.
We reap what we sow
And gain no resolve;
Shape our crook'ed hearts
To raise up new growth.

- 26/03/12