Sunday, 31 August 2014

A viewer's comment on the 'Always #LikeAGirl' video

Lots of positive and negative comments about this video when it was linked through facebook, but here's a comment that really stood out for me:

Boy & Girls Rule!! Boys and Girls are equals!! Both genders have misconceived notions of each other,, Same is true for race.

If the makers of this video wanted to be fair they should've made a video that went both ways,, by interviewing little girls
and women and what they think of little boys and men.

But I Sincerely doubt the makers of this video will make such a video exposing the numerous misconceptions and negative stereotyping of men By women and little girls.

If they did a video of little girls and what they think of boys,, I'm sure the little girls would have had a number negative stereotypes about boys,, as the boys in this video had about girls!!

By the way the little boys in this video were not wrong. There are little girls out there that do run and fight they way boys described (and let's not forget most of those people probably were coached before they got in front of the camera).

But The point of this video was to make boys 'wrong' and not be fair to their opinions or their observations of little girls.

Hopefully the video will help little boys not to make such broad generalizes of little girls. Which I'm sure the same lessons needs to be taught and explained to little girls about their opinions of little boys.

Although this Video is important and serves to motivate young girls and hopefully enlighten little boys & men,, This video is not fair and doesn't turn the camera on girls & women themselves.

Because in my opinion The main goal is to passively aggressively Make men look like 'idiots' while making Women out to Be smarter then men & yet Simultaneously the consonant victim as well as seemingly misunderstood by most men. Hence the formula of the new religion called feminism!

We all need each other regardless of gender or race,, If we are to have equality for all we must speak equally in both directions weather it be negative or positive,, and support each other equally not just little girls and women!!

Women are not superior to Men,, Men are not superior to Women!! Just as white people are not Superior to black people and black people and not superior to white people.

I support the uniting Equality and fairness and justice of all people,, regardless of race or gender!! This Video does not do that!!

I hope one day the makers of this video will make a video that is fair and balanced And push a video of equality for ALL across the board!! But I will not hold my breath for that from these film makers!

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  • Angel Majorjo