Thursday, 21 June 2012

My story is just like everyone else's:

My story is just like everyone else's

I too fell in love.
I too killed myself just to feel
         something other than this emotion.
I too sought destruction just to feel
         something less vapid and bound
         by confusion.
I too crawled the depths of despair with
         salty and arrogant tears,
         knowing full well my own
         insolence brought me here.
I too walked a maudlin mile,
         questioning and answering, remembering
         and reasoning, dilapidated
         and sauntering and
         squandering the path of acceptance.
I too lost the thread, unravelled
         the ball, let it roll
         uncontrolled down the hill
         without thought.
I too traded good sense just to taste
         something virile and draped
         in smugness.
I too fooled myself just to taste
         something other than quiet devotion.
I too fell in love.

My story is just like yours