Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hello Morning

Hello morning once again,
I’ve come to wrap you in my arms again.
I brought you flowers for your windowsill,
So you could gaze
Upon them now,
And bring your light
Into their world.

Hello my darling once again,
Do you still dream or do you just pretend?
That all your troubles are so far away,
But you don’t have to
Worry now,
Love will never
Let you down.

Hello my cobblestone path,
I’ve come to hold your hands in mine again
I thought you’d like this company I give.
So you don’t have to
Walk alone,
Love will never
Let you go

Hello starlight once again,
I’ve come to look upon you as my friend.
I brought telescopes and observant eyes,
So I could gaze
Upon you now,
And let your light
Into my world.

- 09/04/13, Gisborne

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